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Got the open source tuning module and all I can say is awesome!!! I've been an automotive tech for going on 5 years and this had lots of info you won't learn turning your every day wrench. I also attended another "tuning" school last year for 1.5 days. There was more/better info in your 1.x hour video! Thanks! Mike Peters

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First off this car is an 05′ Subaru STI. This is a good choice to learn open source, primarily because it touches on many upgrades we all wish we had. This gives us a chance to show you the changes necessary to calibrate your ECU properly with a slew of aftermarket parts.

Listed below are the aftermarket modifications and performance parts:

This car has a strengthened engine in order to handle the additional stress.
Performance Cam Shafts
Aftermarket MAF Sensor
Upgraded Intake System
18g Turbo
Performance Exhaust System
Factory STI intercooler
The tune is also utilizing E85 for the fuel

This is a fresh tune using ECU Flash & Rom Raider.

In the Basic Calibration Shawn covers:

Initial boost set-up
Fuel injector scaling
Mass Air Flow set-up
MAP Sensor calibrations
How to save and flash the ECU

…and much more



Once Shawn is tuning you learn in real time:

Primary open loop fueling
Waste gate duty cycle
Igniting timing
Knock control
Data Logging
VVT intake cam advance
…and more…


How Much?

Here’s the deal. There was a goof up on the mic and it is muffled at the last 7 minutes of the video but you can still understand what is being taught. Shawn is just wrapping up the tune in those last 7 minutes. We were going to charge $29 for this but since there was a slight problem with it we are going to let you get it at $6.99.

Yep $6.99 gets you immediate, lifetime access to Subaru STI Opensource Tuning.

“Mic goof on our part equals great savings on your part!”


So here’s the bottom line for you. You’re going to receive 1.5 hours of professional, step by step video training on Opensource Tuning. You’ll be receiving lifetime access to the video, which means you can watch the video as much as you want, whenever you want, forever. And you’re going to get it for just $6.99 (no gimmicks, no fine print and no hidden fees).

So be sure to take advantage of this offer now, while it’s still fresh in your mind. You can sign-up and get instant access using the form below.

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(Disclaimer: I understand that Tuning EFI has it’s own inherent risks. FASTuuN will not be held liable if I take my engine to it’s maximum limits and beyond.)

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